About Us

JDR Unique Logistics was created for persons who are tired of high shipping rates offered by many shipping companies in Jamaica.

Our Services

Shopping Assistance

We will assist in locating items at the best price. Send us items or what you want to buy and we provide you with different merchants.

Mail Forwarding

You will be provided with a US mailing address that you can shop online, and we therefore will forward your parcel to you in Jamaica.


Emails are sent with crucial such as Status, Invoices and mailbox number.

Tracking Information

Follow your shipping status with step-by-step, locate your shipment ls from JDR Unique Logistics received them in the US dispatches them to Jamaica, clears customs, and is ready for pick up.

Express Delivery

Extra fast and reliable Delivery of all your purchases through frequent shipments from the United States to Jamaica on a weekly basis. Your package are picked up at our locations.

Sign Up

Sign up for free via link https://uniquelogisticsja.com/ and get your US Shipping address.


After your package arrives at our Florida warehouse and is logged into our system, it typically takes 3 to 5 (business days) it to reach Jamaica and clear customs.

As for our shipping schedule, we ship two -three times a week by air (on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays) and once a week by sea (on Thursdays). Please be aware that these days may vary. Should there be any delays, we'll notify our customers promptly.

After you sign up for a new account, we will determine your box number and generate a shipping address for you.

To receive a free quote, please to use our shipping calculator. Enter the weigh of the package, length, width, height and purchase details.

You don’t have to notify us of any incoming packages. We will notify you by email as soon as we receive the package.

We accept cash, debit and credit cards for payment.

Text/ call us @ 876-424-0814 (Digicel) or 876-541-6737 (Flow) or email to contact @ [email protected] with the location and time you would like it to be delivered.

Sign Up is FREE

Refer 10 or more friends to sign up, you will received a 5% discount off future shipment for 30 days!

Disclaimer: you must send a list of friends to contact@ [email protected] to be considered. NO FAKE ACCOUNT will be accepted or qualified.

Unknown packages refer to shipments lacking the courier code specified in the address. It's essential to include all address information, including the courier code (e.g., KP Logistics) and its corresponding number provided by the customer or shipper. Packages missing this information will be categorized as 'Unknown.'To remove a package from the 'Unknown' status, a fee of $350 JMD applies. Additionally, the customer must provide the correct tracking number for the package's removal from 'Unknown' status.Please note that it may take up to 1 to 2 weeks to process the removal of packages from 'Unknown' status, after which they will be shipped on the next available shipment day. You will receive an email update once the package has been shipped."

If any package is stolen or misplaced while under our care before the storage fee is incurred, you will receive a refund via the payment details provided during purchase or through your bank statement. If the item was purchased at a discounted price, you will be refunded the discounted amount paid, rather than the original cost.

You have up to 5 days from when the package is ready for pickup/delivery before storage fees are added. After 5 days, storage fees of $200 JMD per day for small packages and $350 JMD per day for single packages (such as boxes) will apply (even on holidays). If the package remains unclaimed after 10 days of storage, it will be considered unclaimed and subject to auction. If a claimed package is left for up to a month, it will be auctioned to cover expenses incurred from freight charges and local clearance fees.

Please be aware that when shipping TVs and fragile items, you do so at your own risk ⛔️.Kindly note that one of our warehouse policies is that we do not inspect televisions, so we cannot verify if they were damaged during transit by the carrier. However, we offer a special wrapping service and inspection for TVs upon request at an additional cost. Please inquire for further details."

All invoices must be submitted before packages arrive in Jamaica for clearance. Failure to submit or complete an invoice will result in the package being held uncleared until an invoice or completed invoice is provided. In such cases, an administrative fee of $1000 JMD per trip will be charged for additional services rendered.”

To avoid paying customs duty on your packages, ensure that your orders remain below the value of US$100. Packages valued over this amount are subject to customs duty charges.

Please Note: All invoices must be submitted before packages arrived in Jamaica for clearance. Failure to submit an invoice or a complete invoice will lead to package being detained. Once package is detained there will be a re- clearance fee of $1000jmd per package.

Please note when shipping tv and fragile items please be advised that you’re shipping at your own risk ⛔️
Note: One of Our warehouse policies is that we don’t check television so we wouldn’t know if it came damage or not from the carrier we have an address that if you request special wrapping and for tv to be checked at cost.

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Our Rates

Please note: Freight rates and other fees are subject to change without prior notice. JDR Unique Logistics is not responsible for customers not reading or overlooking this advisory.

Contact Us

Address : Kingston, Jamaica
Phone : +(1876) 541-6737 (Flow)
+(1876) 424-0814 (Digicel)